Affiliation knowhow

The proposal for affiliation of the school once the permission, recognition and NOC are obtained is submitted and we guide on how the affiliation is to be obtained. We guide on all the aspects such as infrastructure & manpower requirements – qualifications & salaries to be paid. The organization is responsible for compliances of all these requirements.

How we work

  • The main requirement for CBSE/CISCE/IGCSE/IB affiliation is that the concerned school should have a piece of land(requirement of Area depends on the location and the Board of affiliation), sanctioned building plan in accordance to Board requirements, salaries & qualification of the staff in accordance to Board norms. All other requirements can be worked out once we decide to go ahead together for completing the affiliation process. We provide guidance about all the compliance’s required the applicant organization has to fulfil all these requirements.

  • We do all the work required for submission of proposal including preparing the proposal and its online submission.

  • Orientation of Teachers& Administrative Staff for affiliation.

  • Orientation and guidance for setting Administrative systems and processes to suit the norms.

  • This covers preparing the required sets of proposal to be submitted. The follow up for the sanction is done by our team.

  • Preparing the School Team for Evaluation

  • Inspection team evaluates the proposal on mainly two aspects. Parameters are set for evaluation of the school about academic practices to be followed and administrative requirements. We as consultants prepare your team on all these parameters. Be it about the way lessons are planned and delivered in the classroom or Maintaining of academic records as prescribed.

  • We guide you on formation and functioning of different committees.

  • Guidance to the School Management about changes to be made about Staff & Infrastructure

    We take an effort to get the school ready for evaluation by Inspection Team.