Recruitment Solution

An exceptional, dedicated and committed workforce makes an educational institute exceptional one. Along with teaching skills, subject knowledge and language proficiency constantly evolving environment in education sector demands staff with an ability to adapt and reinvent themselves. There is great value in unlearning obsolete knowledge and mental models in order to relearn and act upon the new. When school management recruit, they are not just placing an advert they are making an investment in the future of their school as well as students.

Finding candidates with such attitude and ability is crucial. Getting it right takes time, needs expertise and the ability to reach the best talent in education.

#Team_PhloxEducon will be happy to help you to recruit the best for your institute.

Why #Team_PhloxEducon

Our last few years of experience of providing guidance and assistance in setting up new schools as well as up gradation of existing schools makes us understand requirements of recruiter in better way than any other professional recruitment agency.

We have been associated with teachers, support staff and some of the best educational leaders from various parts of country through our Programs, Products and Services.

Our in service teacher training programme gives us an opportunity to meet and interact with some of the best teaching talent. It helps us to create referral network of good candidates.

We have support team of creative individuals with an ability to design recruitment campaign in innovative and cost effective ways to attract right type of candidates.

Our team of educational experts has best knowledge and tools to scrutinize right candidates based upon employer requirements. It helps in saving time of recruiter.

To ensure that you reach the best possible candidates across all the country our support team explores multiple options and channels.

We know that recruiting the best is vital hence design highly personalized recruitment strategies based on employer need.

We use tools like


Graphology is the art of interpreting the characters of an individual by their Handwriting. It neither the forecasting of future nor reveals past but it can reveal traits like intelligence, self-confidence, leadership quality, temperament , honesty, stubbornness, phobias, dedication, trustworthiness, problem solving abilities and much more. This will help you choose the right type of employee. It is a powerful behavioural profiling tool


A tool to help you understand your or your personal multiple intelligences Strengths & areas of improvement; most effective modes, types & styles of learning. This not only guide us to choose right type of candidate but to plan strategies making existing workforce in effective way based on their strengths and personality traits.

  • Meeting with employer’s HR team to understand exact requirement, job location, qualification, experience, pay packages other facilities offered to candidates and time line for joinings

  • Commercial quote by #Team_PhloxEducon

  • Signing of contract along with 50% advance amount cheque

  • Actual campaign based on requirements and timeline Scrutiny of applications

  • Primary round of interviews by #Team_PhloxEducon Educational expert’s team

  • Final round of interviews by Employer’s panel of shortlisted candidates Payment of balance amount

#Team_PhloxEducon assures you service that reaches the finest caliber candidates. Your reputed school will be portrayed in a professional manner and the selection committee will take the finest efforts to select the right fit.

We plan your campaign in a unique way to provide qualified and dedicated teaching staff to cater to the demands for efficient teaching personnel.