Teacher Training

Training plays an important role in every sector. Teachers are the most important factor in delivering quality education in schools. It is therefore clear that supporting the professional development of teachers makes a key contribution toward improving institute and the learning outcomes of students. The professional development of teachers is a lifelong process. To achieve ultimate goal of making teaching learning process more effective they must engage in an systematically designed orientation sessions

To fulfill this need of educators #Team_PhloxEducon has designed unique in service Teacher Training Module. This Training module will help to equip educator with new knowledge and skills to face new challenges and reforms in present scenario. The educational scenario in India has undergone a phenomenal transformation after 1986 especially after the adoption of the National Policy on Education in 1989. Our teacher training module includes the topics which will help teachers to understand this changes and reforms in school education. It will also guide them to plan their instructional strategies accordingly in more effective way.

How we work

  • Compliances in accordance to Form of Organization

    • Constructivist theory of learning


    • 5 Es of learning

    • Effective lesson planning techniques

    • Lesson planning based on 5 E

    • Demo activities by participants

    • Concept of Contextualization

    • Techniques of contextualization of syllabus

    • Demo activities by participant

  • CCE

    • CCE revolutionary step in Indian education

    • Guiding principles of CCE Scholastic

    • Guiding principles of CCE Co-Scholastic

    • Checklists and Rubrics

    • Planning evaluation activities

    • Maintaining a record

    • Maintaining Student Portfolio

    • 3 days (8 hour per day) interactive training session will be conducted for each module.